“The Unhappy Little Dragon~Lessons Learned” by Carole Wolf

A Bit About the Author:   Carolyn Wolfe is a free lance writer, poet, and author of six books including her collections of poetry, short stories and her first children’s book of bedtime stories in verse, titled: The Bedtime Of The Sky and Other Sleepy Bye Stories. In this, her sixth book, The Unhappy Little Dragon, Lessons Learned, she reveals the journey of Happy the dragon, who, while trying to understand how to master his uncontrollable gift of fire, has an exciting adventure in the woods. His forest friends help him understand his gift and that he really is a very special dragon indeed! Ms. Wolfe lives in the Shenandoah Valley with her Photographer, husband Scott, and her houseful of animal companions. For more information about Ms. Wolfe and her books please visit her website at: www.whenthemoonspeaks.com.

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Little Dragon Synopsis:

This is the tale of a little Dragon who has a big problem, he cannot control his fire!

After a major mishap, he runs away into the forest and has a wonderful adventure where he meets new friends, learns that every creature has a unique gift, and also finds out the special way in which he can use his own remarkable gift of fire.


An Excerpt From The Book:


“Let me ask you something son, when you practice your fire burning skills-what do you tell

yourself?”   “Tell myself? What do you mean?” asked Happy not understanding what his new friend was

getting at.   (Shelley the Turtle)   “Well, maybe I should ask instead, how do you feel when you practice holding in your flame?   “Oh that! I feel scared, so scared that I will fail and burn everything up!” Happy answered

sadly.   “Well now, I have a suggestion for you. Try feeling like you will not burn everything up.

Instead tell yourself you will succeed in keeping your fire to yourself!” Shelley told him.   “But I am so scared. I really don’t think I can tell myself that I won’t burn everything up

when I know I will!”   Happy argued in a worried little voice.   Shelley looked at Happy’s very unhappy face and said,”I have news for you Happy, and I want

you to listen to me now!”   Then Shelley continued to explain.   “Dragons aren’t the only ones who have special gifts, Happy, no, no! All of the animals were

given a special gift of one kind or another. All of us had to learn how to use it wisely,

just like you. You sort of have to grow into your gift, like growing up! That’s why the

animals need a teacher.   Can you guess what my special gift is?”   Shelley asked, looking at Happy expectantly.   Happy didn’t know the answer so he shook his head and just kept quiet.   “Why Happy, I am a teacher!” Shelley said proudly.