Who’s the Bookish Dame?


Deborah was the youngest library card carrier in Beaufort, SC, at 6 yrs. old in 1956; never wanted anything except books for birthdays and Christmas; raided the “little rich girl’s trash can” for her tossed out books and children’s magazines in her Nancy Drew sleuthing days for new reading material; lived in libraries during the summer; and married her first husband on the basis that he was a lawyer and read A LOT.   She grew up to be a PR and marketing professional for authors and their books working with a virtual book touring company called:  Pump Up Your Book.  Armed with degrees and experiences in fine arts/art history/museum studies and English literature, she makes it her business to see that authors get the kid glove treatment.  Oh, yes…and her parents…their famous last words …”She always has her nose in a book.”   Her children and grandchildren do, too!  My other blog is A Bookish Libraria.  I’m Deborah/The Bookish Dame.



8 thoughts on “Who’s the Bookish Dame?

  1. Juls says:

    Just found you here! Hope this finds you feeling better!!! Will call soon. Will also miss you this weekend at the stitch-in!!!! Must check-out the Kindle…love the name of yours!!!!!

  2. Allie B says:

    You know who this is! Best book of 2007 Water for Elephants. Check it out. I re-read She’s Come Undone and read for the first time I Know This Much is True-so wonderful. Why didn’t he write more? Your list is wonderfull. If only I had time…………..Now reading “Almost Moon” with your daughter. Yikes. But Lovely Bones is one of my favorites.

  3. Cheryl says:

    My sister (Terri – Chocolates for Breakfast) suggested your blog to me, as I got a B&N Nook for Christmas and have had it with me constantly since it arrived! On your recommendation, I have just downloaded Half Broke Horses. Okay, you recommended Glass Castles, and called Half Broke Horses the prequel, but I’m a stickler for reading them in order, so I’ll start with Horses. Can’t wait to get started! I look forward to following your blog!

    • boundtobebookish says:

      Thanks so much for your comment, Cheryl. It’s taken a while for me to reply because I’ve been away for 4 months! I’m so glad you’re going to read those memoirs. They were so amazing. :]

  4. John Shors says:


    Thanks so much for your nice book review of my novel, Dragon House. I just came across your review, and am delighted that you enjoyed my story. Thanks so much for reading it, and for your kind words! I’m glad that my story connected with you.

    If you ever want to review another of my novels, please let me know. I have a new one, The Wishing Trees, that’s out and is doing well. My next one, Cross Currents, will be the first novel about the tsunami, I think.

    Thanks again!


  5. Would you be interested in looking at my book, A Century of Heroes? Laura Pacter suggested I contact you.

    • Bookish Dame says:

      Hello, Scott,

      I would be happy to look at your book. Laura is a good friend.

      Are you interested in my editing for you? Or, are you simply looking for a reader’s pre-review perception?

      My address is:

      Deborah Previte
      1810 Tarpon Bay Dr. S.
      Naples, FL 34119

      Thank you for contacting me.


    • Would you like me to send you a copy of my book?

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