Where Have I Been? And, “Pump Up Your Books”~A Virtual Book Touring Company for Authors and their Books

Image I’ve been reading and writing reviews which I’ve posted at my other blog, and have sadly neglected this wordpress blog for nearly a year.  When I decided to reopen it this morining, I was shocked to find that there are the rareist of followers that are still coming by!  OMGoodness, I feel so horrible that I’ve let them down!!

For the next few days, I’m going to be moving several of my latest reviews over to this website so I can update things for you.  After which, I’m going to be specifically dedicating this site to my professional work with authors and their books through my virtual book tour company affiliation with:  Pump Up Your Books.

Pump Up Your Books has proven to be the finest of the virtual book touring companies I’ve had the pleasure of working with over the past nearly 7 years as I’ve been developing my blogs, and publishing relationships.  I’ve found the authors and books they represent to be of the highest caliber.  I’m an eclectic reader with a strong background in many areas of interest. 

Pump Up Your Books specializes in bringing its authors to those readers who are looking for a wide range of subjects and genre.  From historical fiction, romance, spiritually inspired, non-fiction, health conscious, contemporary fiction, to business-related books, Pump Up Your Books has all the spread of books any major bookstore can offer!  That’s why I’m excited to be a new affiliate with them.

In the past years, for example, through this touring group, I’ve been able to read and bring my readers reviews, author interviews and giveaways on books like the following:

“Equity of Evil” by Rudy Mazzocchi    A Medical/Techo. Thriller   Now being looked at by Oprah’s Books!

“Daddy’s Home” by AK Alexander     A Psychological Suspense Novel  

“The Cross Dresser’s Wife~Our Secret Lives” Edited by Dee A. Levy & B. Sheffield Hunt     Non-Fiction

“Liberation: The Andrusian Chronicles, Book One” by Maria Lucia          A Fantasy/Syfy Novel

“The Year She Fell” by Alicia Rasley      A General Fiction/Women Writer’s Novel

“Tapestry Baby” by Carole Watherhouse     A Contemporary Fiction/Women’s Novel


In addition to these things I’ve been doing above, I’ve been taking time to help my husband as he’s finished writing his first novel.  It’s called “Predator,” and it’s a great read!  About the early formings of a psychopath…a mafia hitman.  This particular book is the prequel to his series.  We’re expecting its publication within the next year.


A final word:  I would like to open this website up to others who would like to post their insights or comments on books in general or specific.  I would, of course, as Editor, have to have the last word about content, but I would welcome your input, and in having you choose a by-line for this with your own particular “Column,” if you like.  Please contact me for more information on that at:  the bookishdame@aol.com


So, busy…..   I’ll be checking back in later this week!    Thanks for stopping by.




One thought on “Where Have I Been? And, “Pump Up Your Books”~A Virtual Book Touring Company for Authors and their Books

  1. admin says:

    Wow, Deb, thank you for the wonderful and kind words! But that’s the way you are and why I needed you so much at Pump Up. It is so wonderful having you aboard!

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