Snakewoman of Little Egypt

A new read for me, and one I’m dying to get into.  I’m trying to keep my eyes open long enough to read through the first quater of the book.  My day has been so busy and I want so much to get immersed in this very interesting tale of  a young woman ex-con recently a member of a snake-handling congregation, and a anthropology professor with homesickness for the Africa where he left a lover and illegitmate daughter he’s never known. 

As the very fickle finger of fate brings these two together, there’s a tale to be told…complete with the woes of living the hardscrabble life of a brokendown farm, strange bedfellows and a groundhog or two thrown in for good meausre.

I for one want to know more about that snakehandling cultand the reason why the recently released from prison girl shot her nogood preacher husband!     More from your Bookish Dame on this book  when I finish it! 


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