Audiobooks Reviewed

This was a thoroughly enjoyable read/listen for a couple of very busy days making my jewelry for an up-coming show.  I adored the story of Alice and Mr. Dodgson.  It was a bit creepy in the pediphile-ish way that had to be addressed, and yet, there was the beautiful outcome of our beloved book, “Alice in Wonderland,” to compensate us for the hint of childlove that he displayed.  I have to say that the author handled the situation with great taste and respect in that she only touched on the subject and gave us to think of it as a mutual “infatuation” as if these two were magnets drawn to each other from a source unknown and unfamiliar to both of them.   

Alice’s story is absorbing as it moves from the little girl to the vamp, to the college blooming genius and lover of “kings and princes” of a sort, to the ends of her days.   I was simply entralled and loved this book.  I would read it in full hardback, if  I hadn’t listened to it!     Highly recommended, not just to “…Wonderland,” fans.  It’s much more than a book about a book.

Not being one to waste your time on books that are horrendous, I want to recommend this one to you without reservation.  This is a young author who’s lived a lifetime of sadness and triumph.  She shares her memoir without apology or attempt at sympathies.    What an amazing child who’s grown into a young woman. 

  Her story about the life of a neglected child, taken up by the “system,” kept from her mother and placed from one foster home to another before she is finally adopted is both chilling and educational.   I cringed, I cried, I laughed and I was so angry I could have punched someone in the face!!!     Don’t read this unless you want to really know how it FEELS to be a victim of our Child Protective Services.     Gladly,  Ashley finds an adoptive family in the end and comes out of the whole thing fighting for her rights and the rights of the other children she knew and loved.     This is a memorable and important book which all of my friends should read.  It’s also a good audiobook to listen to.

It has been a very long time since I’ve given V. I. Warshawski a try in one of my favorite genre.    Last time I read a Sara Paretsky novel about V. I., it left me wanting more.    Not this time!     I loved this book.   The narrator was great, which made the book wonderful as a great escape novel.   Covering everything from a homeless mother and children, to women who serve such homeless victims, to abused children of the wealthy and powerful, to international scams and intrigue….this was a much better written novel than I experienced in the past.    Now, I have to read a few of the newer V. I.’s to catch up!!!

   The Bookish Dame does not tolerate bad narrators; however, I have to say.  I wanted to love this “Three Cups of Tea,” but found the narrator grinding on my last nerve….so had to forego it before it completely turned me off reading the book!   I have it in paperback and will have to go there for the good read.  Many friends have recommended it, so I know it must be better than the narrator was letting on….with his very stuffy rendering.  Ahhhummmm.

I’ve downloaded some new audiobooks for this coming week as I work on my jewelry:

“Room,”  by Emma Donogough

“Adam and Eve,”  by Sener Jeta Naslund

“Breaking Dawn,” by Stephanie Meyers.     :]

And, that’s a good start for the week since I have a stackful of books to finish reading before my online library deadline, as well.

Happy reading and listening, dear friends and readers.  Please leave me a comment with your own blog addresses so I can visit you, as well.   I’m looking for good blogs about books and I know you have them!!

Yours,     The Bookish Dame


3 thoughts on “Audiobooks Reviewed

  1. Kelly F. says:


    Thank you for the wonderful comment on my blog, and for visiting for that matter. I wish WordPress and blogger could have that goolge connect so we could join everybody’s blog. I’ll definitely allow your craft blog for the contest though, and I’ll put your book blog on my blogroll, because I really like it! =)

    Thanks again,

  2. Alice I Have Been has been on my wish list like forever. I keep putting off reading it because it has such mixed reviews. I really should give it a try. Three Little Words sounds very interesting and I’m shooting off now to check this one out on Amazon.

  3. most of the time i listen to audiobooks while surfing the net, i love to multitask he he~

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