Still Missing

<a href=”” style=”float: left; padding-right: 20px”><img alt=”Still Missing” border=”0″ src=”” /></a><a href=”Still” _mce_href=””>Still”>”>Still Missing</a> by <a href=”Chevy” _mce_href=””>Chevy”>”>Chevy Stevens</a><br/>
My rating: <a href=”5″ _mce_href=”″>5″>″>5 of 5 stars</a><br /><br />
I’m just sick that I inadvertently erased my new review!!!  Anyway, having finished this book about a young woman who was abducted and held hostage for more than a year by a psychopath, I have to tell all!
<br/>What an impact this writer has, and will have, should she choose (and I hope she does) to write more. She’s an amazing writer with lots to say and a very unique way of saying it. I was just blown away by several things in this work.
<br/>First: The storyline is a fairly familiar one, but Ms. Stevens handles it in an absorbing fashion. We are so intricately taken into the mind of the psychopath and are made detectives and discoverers along with her protagonist.  I was able to completely envision the sterile environment she was held in, and the horrific things that were done to her.  Shivering!!!
<br/>Secondly:  Ms. Stevens does something that I don’t remember ever having experienced in quite such a manner before.  She has the young woman tell her story completely from the perspective of relating it to her psychiatrist. We don’t know who the doctor is, we have no idea what the office really is like, we don’t have a sense of time or place about her getting to this psychiatrist.  She works the story and the resolution out through this doctor, and through police detectives.
<br/>Third:  Strong and “tell it like it is” monologuing. Strong characters.  Lots of wisdom and angst.  Understanding about what really matters and what love truly is.  A sense of what we might be capable of that we think we could never do.
<br/>This is a really great novel. One of the few I’ve read that conveys the psychology and feelings of the main character so thoroughly.  I loved it.
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