Latest Reads January 19, 2010

I’m already picking up and reading things off my list because I unfortunately left my Kindle Stella in Las Vegas when I was visiting my son week before last.  We had a great visit…and I got to see my darling little grandson, Jack, who is about 2 1/2 yrs. old. 

Anyway, without my Kindle and the latest downloads of books, I was forced to forage among my own unread books and came up with these:

“Blackbird”    by   Jennifer Lauck        

 This memoir was even more striking and absolutely absorbing than any I had ever read.  The horrors of Jennifer’s childhood are startling and so astonishing, one wonders how she had the inner strength to endure and survive.  I loved this book and highly recommend it to all of my bookish friends.  It’s a book that will stay with you a very long time.   I’m trying to find her sequel now, which Barnes & Noble didn’t have last night….  On a quest… !

“Glass Castles,”  by Jeanette Walls   

I’ve just started this memoir again.  I think I had read the beginning of it some time ago and put it down.  Anyway, it’s the continuation of “Half Broke Horses,” and it’s another relentlessly good page-turner.  I can hardly put it down to go to bed at night!   Even if you haven’t read, “Half Broke…,”  do yourself a favor and get this book in paperback.  You can always read to prequel later….  It’s sooo good.

I’m continuing my reading on, “..Swans.”   Another wonderful book.  For those of my friends who listen to audible books while you stitch, this can only be great that way, too.  But, readers, you’ll really love curling up with this one.  Right now I’m on a section where the psychiatrist visits the home of our psychotic artist to interview his exwife….  very interesting!!!    I’m telling you..this is a gooood  book!

When shopping at Barnes & Noble and Books a Million:     I wasn’t planning on new books, but there was a big sale….

3 of these and 1 free–someone I haven’t read and thought was interesting in our vampire hunting genre: Kim Harrison, a new author for me.   We’ll have to see how these go….

“White Witch, Black Curse”        “A Fistful of Charms”     “The Outlaw Demon Wails”    “For A Few Demons More”

And a few more Laurell K. Hamilton:  “Blood Noir”   “Harlequin”    and  “Narcissus in Chains”

So goes your Bookish Dame.   I love your comments and appreciate hearing from you with your current reads and lists and your blogs.  So, please let me know who  you are!

Thanks for visiting me…   Deb



6 thoughts on “Latest Reads January 19, 2010

  1. Sonya says:

    Hey Deb! Remember me?!! LOL!

    I’ve read a ton of books lately, like you I’ve not been on a massive stitchfest of late, but the books are racking up. Probably about 90% of them have been 3 stars though and I’m finding it hard to find something unputdownable. There have been a few that Ive loved recently but my tastes can be eclectic and erratic, depending on my mood or what I’ve watched on telly recently. I think that’s why I can’t settle to anything, I swing from Historical romance to Vampires to End of the World Plague to Prehistoric to Alternate Reality (speaking of which, a book I quite liked springs to mind- Fatherland by Ummm, I forget, but it’s a good one)….

    Anyway, just dropping in to say howdy 😀

    I’ll try not to lurk and step up to the plate when I’m passing.

    • boundtobebookish says:

      Oh, Sonya, I’m so delighted to hear from you!! You are such a disappearing daisy, that I often think and wonder, “where on earth is she now?” I’ve been blocked from visiting your stitching blog. I wonder if it’s because of the youknowwhat we talked about earlier this past year. I hope all is well with you, and thank you so much for giving me a little hello. Please do keep dropping by and don’t just lurk. You are so special to me!!! Hugs, Deb

  2. Kelly says:

    Hi Deb, Safe travels to the Carolina’s. I can’t believe you left Stella behind. Such a bummer especially since you are traveling again. I added to my wish list from your book list. I just finished The Forgotten Garden and it was a great book. I started the Shanghai Girls by Lisa See yesterday and stayed up way to late reading. I would recommend both books.

  3. Barbara says:

    Stopping by to say hi. Can’t make out the turquoise font for this post, but I’m thinking good thoughts for you!

    • boundtobebookish says:

      Hi! I’m trying to change that color font, but my computer’s stubborn…will keep trying! sigh! Thanks so much for stopping. I forgot to mention to everyone that I also just read, “The Day the Falls Stood Still,” by Cathy Marie Buchanan. Now that Niagra Falls isn’t so far away from you, (:] , you might like this book as much as I did. Be talking to you soon. I need your new addy. Hugs, Deb

  4. Brigitte says:

    I read Glass Castles quite a while ago but still remember this book vividly. It was such a great read.

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