End of 2009 and off to 2010 good start!

The last book of 2009 I read was:  

I had this one in my stash for a while, never finding enough inertia to get reading it.  What I found when I finally did, around Thanksgiving, was an amazing story about women of all shapes and morality, and vision.  About the 60’s and Civil Rights…which tapped the dampened fires of my memories when I was a college student and watching, learning and protesting ….    I loved “The Help,” and though it wasn’t written in the same caliber of an author such as Joyce Carol Oates, it was well written and a novel I won’t forget over the years.   Highly recommended

A surprise of a new author for the end of 2009:

Well, I was foraging…. A guest at my dd’s house in the South, and out of books, no car, and very little time.  Here’s what I found in her stacks that I hadn’t already read.   It was a little shocking to “Grammie,”  but I soon found that I kept going back to the sizzling little thing.  I felt like the kids’ vampirish, gothic groups were allowing me a peek inside.  Soon, I loved it and wanted more stories like it.  Grammie is now hooked on Laurell K. Hamilton.   Go for it, friends….you’re gonna have a strong feeling one way or another!  :]   This is an Anita Blake series novel.


Here’s another LKH novel series about her faery protagonist, Meredith Gentry.  What’s not to love about this series and her characters here, as well.  Here is another series I just have to recommend to you…especially my stitching friends, as quick reads, but very entertaining books.  I’m glad I found Ms. Hamilton on a fluke.


What I’m reading now:

Thoroughly enjoying this memoir/novel about Jeannette Walls’ matriarcial ancestors.  The reading is like sitting with your great grandmother before a fire in dead of winter.  This book is one to keep forever on your shelves so your granddaughter can read it someday.  Not a book that takes forever to read, but this in no way distracts from a poignant and beautiful story of women and their rights to a life of their own.   Recommend to everyone!

Okay!!  Here it is, sneaking into my otherwise very literary reading list!  I can’t say stay away from LKH, because I can’t tell you to stay away from chocolate.  :]   Pull up a comfy pillow and quilt and just imagine….


What can I say?   One’s white chocolate, and the other’s dark chocolate!!!



   I just started this one last night.  It intrigued me because it’s about a man who tried to destroy a famous painting, was captured and was referred to a psychiatrist for treatment.  In the first few chapters, I’ve found it mesmerizing.  Of course, being and loving artists…this was made for me….and I’m always up for a disturbed, mysterious person who needs psychotherapy!!!  😛


Books that look Promising to me in 2010:

A story about the real Alice of “Alice In Wonderland.”  Not keeping to the exact truths of a biography, this is a novel written to intrigue us.  I’m going to buy it one way or another!






This one is about two women in the Victorian era who live outside the norm for women of the time.  They collect fossills and shells.  It is a historical novel, and one that looked interesting to me, by an author we can count on to bring the goods.  Her “Girl with a Pearl Earring,” says it all.





Anne Tyler’s works were a “must read,” for all ladies who lived in Wellesley, MA, when I was a youngish mother there!  LOL  Her novels are so real, and she speaks so true to our hearts.  It’s been a long time since I’ve picked up one of her books.  This one is calling me back to her.  A wandering husband…with a strange disease and those who live with him.





I’m a fan of Bohjalian.  Though he sometimes confuses me when he assumes we’re following his stream of consciousness on the occasion…and I’m a little slow on the uptake! :]

I really thought this book sounded so interesting.  A preacher and his wife have issues that will shock their town.  Hmmm  Don’t you always love to catch the “least likely to fail,” in a subterfuge?




This is supposed to be a huge, historical novel not so much about the fires but about the aftermath and its affects on a woman.  I love a great big, long paged novel sometimes.  I think this is my choice this year….   Love, mystery, loss and redemption here I come!





Oh, right.  Well, we’ve allowed our darling Jane Austen to be picked and pawed at long enough….why not my precious and favorite Bronte sisters!?   I’m still going to read it, no matter how bastardized the stories get because who can ever get enough of Charlotte, Emily, and Anne?  And, Branwell, God rest his black little heart.  Barbara are you listening to me? :]





Speaking of feminist novels and “voices.”  We were, weren’t we?   I’m a huge follower of Gail Godwin.  She’s a gentle voice of women and has been for decades.  If we listen, we’ll hear the out cries of wounded hearts, the courage of those who go through it all and come out the other side, and we’ll get to know those women who’ve always mattered in our lives.  Ms. Godwin is a special writter.  I look forward to enjoying her new book about girls reliving their lives in a Catholic boarding school.

A new author and protagonist for me….  I’m told we need to read the first book called, “Old Filth,” to completely enjoy this one.  You’ll have to go read the reviews on this one on Amazon.com.   It just sounded like something I might like on a whim.  Mystery in a British sort of way….


And, last for the timebeing, “..Roses.”  I’ve purchased this novel on my Kindle/Stella.  I love the cover, don’t you?  I like that it’s a big, family saga.  I feel as if it’s not a year complete without my reading a big family saga.  This is my choice early in the year.  It follows a family in Texas.  I just want to spend hours absorbed….   :]


So looking forward to hearing from all of you and finding out what  your choices are for the early year.   Please let me know if you’re reading any of my choices, too.

Good luck!   Your Bookish Dame


2 thoughts on “End of 2009 and off to 2010 good start!

  1. Kelly says:

    I am looking forward to Alice I Have Been. I am also planning on reading Help and the Jeannette Walls book. My first finish on my Kindle was Forgotten Garden. If you have not read it, I think you would enjoy it. You gave me a lot of books to look up on Amazon! Have a great weekend.

    • boundtobebookish says:

      Hi, Kelly, I listened to a quick sample of “Alice,” last night and it was good. I think it’s a book to read, and not one for the “listening on tape” group. Somehow the narrartor just became distracting for me. I’d reather read anyway. Leaves the imagination to fill in the blanks that way. I hope you absolutely love “Help,” and “Half Broke Horses.” I’m reading “Glass Castles,” now because it’s the continuation of the story from “Half Broke…”

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