The 19th Wife

I give you this very large picture of the book cover to show you how impressive this book is upon first observation.  You just can’t tell a book by its cover…  I think David Ebershoff is a fine writer, and one whose style I find lulling and seductive.  I was drawn into this novel about Mormanism and the foundational doctrine of polygomy wanting to know more…and, so became just like the crowds during the mid 1800’s who were mob-like in their thirsty desires for all the “juicy” details.  Perhaps this is one of Ebershoff’s underlying warnings to us.  All in all, I found the book just an interesting, but not a new and wonderful twist on a theme.  The historic details were the most engaging, but were somewhat flat…the current-day storyline that parralled the historic was light-weight and not very engaging.  I wasn’t very attached to the contemporary characters…especially finding Johnny a boy I couldn’t warm up to at all!  Would I buy this book knowing all of this???   I probably would just because of the historical details on Mormanism from a woman’s perspective.  I think Mr. Eberschoff would have had a better book if he’d just enhanced that historical detail with a ficticious “fill in!”  Wait ’til this one comes out in paperback!

Your, Bookish Dame


One thought on “The 19th Wife

  1. Jessica says:

    I really liked the way that you compared yourself to the crowds in the 1800’s, that was interesting. I love when you write down your thoughts about life and books. Thank you.

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