Kindle Katches and New Books

New books downloaded from Kindle:

Skeletons at the Feast”  by Chris Bohjalian.    WWII character perspectives, with new and powerful insights that will live in my mind forever.

The Big Girls”  by Susanna Moore.  A woman psychiatrist and her female patient who are both suffering from loss and guilt….  Moore is an awesome writer.

 New books from Borders trip:

Free Food for Millionaires”  by Min Jin Lee.  This one has been on every bestseller’s list across the country!  An Ivy League girl with a Korean family background, who has a secret obsession for reading the Bible, loves expensive clothes and has a hunky white boyfriend…etc..?  I’ve got to read this one!!!

Open Me”  by Sunshne O’Donnell.  Seems like I’ve been waiting forever to hear a story like this one.  A young girls lifelong secret training in the ancient, forbidden art of being a funeral mourner…an illegal profession, but one which has been passed down mother to daughter for thousands of years.

Human Traces”  by Sebastian Faulks.  Two young boys with an interest in science and psychiatry grow up in France and England, then come together to found a clinic in Austria.  A female patient whom they each want to treat in different ways comes between them. 

All of these are fabulous reads!  I took the time today to write reviews of each of them, but the entries got erased somehow.  I can just tell you that it’s too demoralizing to write a third time!! :[    But, suffice it to say that the above books are varied, but wonderful.  Please go to to see the covers and read reviews for yourselves.

I’m having alot of trouble putting “Skeletons,” and “Human Traces” down at the moment.  I’m afraid to start “Open Me,” more than an intro. first chapter, because I know I’ll be up all night reading it!  And, I can’t wait to start “Free Food…”

Please leave comments and your blog addys so I can visit you and see what you’re reading, too.

Your Bookish Dame,    Deb


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