I’ve just finished the book, “Silk,” by Alessandro Baricco, and can’t say enough about it.  Don’t know why I put this read off such a long time.  I’ve had it in my library since 1998!!  It’s a small book, so compact.  Every word is meant like a haiku piece, I guess.  It’s a terribly beautiful story about love between a frenchman and a Japanese concubine.  Without spoiling the story, it’s enough to say that you will never forget their love story, and it will haunt you for days after you put the little book down….which will only take you about an hour to read….


2 thoughts on “Silk

  1. trish says:

    How could I resist a review like that?! I’ve added it to my Bookmooch wishlist…

  2. Thanks, Trish! I’m now reading a new book which you might like as well….see my latest entry! Deb

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