My Kindle Is Coming on Tuesday!!

“Sister Carrie”I’m so excited to report that I received notice this week that my very own Kindle is on its way to me.  This comes with mixed feelings, naturally, because I’m very bookish with all that implies….but I’m ready to embrace the brave new world of books by “gizmo.”

Kindle will afford me the opportunity to download in minutes books such as “The Magnificient Ambersons,” which I’m reading with my Pulitzer Prize Reading Group…and which I really don’t want to own for my library…for pennies on the dollar.  Older books and classics, paperbacks and such are as low in cost as $1.99!  New and best-selling hardbacks are $9.99.  And, I think I’m going to love the accessibility of the Kindle when I’m stuck waiting places: airports, doctor’s offices, for my husband…. you know the drill.

So, I’ve been browsing Amazon to see what my first downloads will be and I’ve come up with this, my virgin list:   (I’m really excited…sort of like giving birth or something!! LOL)

1)  Sister Carrie  by Theodore Dreiser

2)  A Blithedale Romance by Nathaniel Hawthorne

3)  Passing by Nella Larsen

4)  Loving Frank by Nancy Horan

5)  Bridge of Sighs by Richard Russo

6)  Evidence of Things Unseen by Marianne Wiggins

7)  The Magnificient Ambersons by Booth Tarkington

8)  The Tortilla Curtain by T. C. Boyle

9)  The Seduction of the Crimson Rose by Lauren Willig

10)  Stumbling Into Happiness by Daniel Gilbert

 I feel like naming my Kindle, so I’m hoping you will help me with that.  For those who contribute to the name and whose name I end up using all or a part of…I will send a book of your choice, plus some surprise goodies!

So, please post your votes for my dear Kindle’s name below.  BTW, the little gizmo has storage/its own library for several hundreds of books, and “cards” for more.  Can’t wait to get it in my hands to read with!

Deb/Bookish Dame


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