Bookish New Year

war-peace-tolstoy-new-transl-2007.jpgMy long time goal of reading “War and Peace” is coming to fruition in 2008!  I’m joining the Russian Reading Group and reading 4 books either by, or set in, or about Russians this year.  Many of you who know me from my  blog know my love of books and my promise to read W&P with its new translators, but now that I’ve found this Russian Reading Group I’m delighted to be able to share the read with others!  Russia has long been a fascination to me as a reader. I’ve read several books about Tsar Nicolas and Alexandra, their children, Rasputin, Peter the Great, histories of Russia, Russian fairytales….as well as stitching needlework of Russia.  I’m currently working on one called, “White Nights of St. Petersburg,” by Martina Weber of Chatelaine Designs, which you can find an image of through Google.  It’s an amazing fantasy of crystals, beads and gorgeous colored silk threads showcasing St. Petersburg Square.

Anyway, before I make this too long a first blog entry, here are my 4 Russian Reading books:

1)  War and Peace   by  Tolstoy —   Collaboration of these translators, Larissa Volokhonsky and Richard Pevear make both “W&P” and “…Karenina” must reads of 2008–

2)  Anna Karenina   by Tolstoy   (reread!)

3)  The Russian Concubine  by Kate Furnivall — A novel of Russia at the dawn of the 20th c., of pre-Revolutionary China, the 1920’s and love in the face of impossibility

4)  Russka  by  Edward Rutherfurd —  An epic novel of Russia’s history and the lives of four families


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